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Special shapes



Product sticker and label

Temporary stickers made of PVC with an optimal price-quality ratio. We can assist with design if necessary.

It is possible to order stickers in special sizes and shapes. You can choose between matte or glossy vinyl. The stickers are moisture-resistant. If necessary, we also make stickers on vinyl with aggressive adhesive.

The price of the sticker depends on its size. The minimum order sum is 12 eur +  VAT.

      When ordering a product, we also offer a design service.

Laminated and long-lasting stickers

Stickers made of high-quality polymer film that will last a long time. For outdoor conditions, we recommend laminating the sticker.

There is also a selection of matte and glossy materials, as well as aggressive, standard or eco-adhesives.

      When ordering a product, we also offer a design service.

Car advertising stickers

We produce and install stickers on cars, vans, trucks, trailers and other vehicles (mopeds, bikes, boats, etc.)

When sending a request, please specify the car model and describe your request as precisely as possible, or add a file with a ready-made design. Please also indicate the expected usage time of the sticker.

Window graphics

An advertisement placed on a window or a glass wall is always a great way to make your mark! This type of sticker helps to increase brand awareness and recognition among people, while also working as a data medium, reflecting important information, such as the company name, working hours, and other similar information.

We use reliable and high-quality films to make stickers. In the case of multicolor solutions, it is possible to create an image by combining parts cut out of colored films, and it does not require additional lamination. Alternatively, printing can be done directly on the film, but for such solutions, we recommend lamination, which protects the image from fading.

      When ordering the product, we also offer design and installation services.

Decorative wall stickers

Be it a company logo on the wall or a sticker for some other purpose. When sending a price request, please describe the idea and, if possible, send a picture of the surface, describe the finish of the wall, as well as note the dimensions of the wall itself and the expected size of the sticker to be ordered.

When ordering a product, we also offer a design and installation service.

            When ordering the product, we also offer design and installation services.

Floor stickers

Floor stickers are well suited for advertising, equipping the route with signs, or simply conveying information on the floor surface.

Floor stickers are made more durable with lamination, which makes them resistant to abrasion and treading.

      When ordering the product, we also offer design and installation services.

Wide format stickers

Our diverse machinery allows us to produce large-sized stickers, up to 1.05 m high and up to 50 m wide/long.

In the case of very large stickers, you should keep in mind, that the larger the sticker, the more difficult its installation.

Stickers are produced from high-quality polymer film, and if necessary, it is also possible to laminate them.

      When ordering the product, we also offer design and installation services.


When sending a price request for stickers, it is important to note:

This helps us understand what type of film would be optimal. A temporary sticker is made on a cheaper film, but after 2-3 years, such film starts to shrink a little. Polymer film is perfect for permanent stickers (doesn't shrink), but is a bit more expensive. If the surface on which the sticker is installed is rough or uneven, we recommend a film with aggressive adhesive.


It would also be good to mention whether you want stickers on matte or glossy film.

So easy :)

However, experience shows that such simple things tend to be forgotten :)

All the stickers we make are 100% waterproof because we make them from PVC film. Lamination increases the durability of the sticker, it does not fade in outdoor conditions, and it is difficult to scratch such a sticker. You can choose between matte and glossy laminate.

Lamination affects the price of the sticker almost twice.

If you have a ready design, please simply add the file to the request. Please add only good quality files, preferably in vector format.

If necessary, we can also help with the design. In this case, we need as precise a description of the expected design as possible.

For text, we recommend choosing the font you like in advance and letting us know about it.

Fonts can be selected here: https://www.1001freefonts.com/


Made of durable and weatherproof film


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